*An Open Letter to My Fellow Roses*


Dear Fellow Rose,

Some will see you,
see your tattered petals and think
you are not worthy of a bouquet,

But others will see those petals,
torn and brown as they may be,
as an example of the tenacity you contain
which allows you to stretch those very petals forth
toward the sun
while allowing no other being to block
its rays.

They will see, that even though you grow
from such an unpleasant and deprived garden,
you have the uplifting scent of pride
and the most sturdy of stems to hold yourself up.

So, you must remember, dear rose,
that, though the flower shop owners
do not define you as having the qualities
of a worthy gift-
a true rose, wild and beautiful,
does not look like the ones in the flower shop.
It does not live the life of the ones in the flower shop.

A true rose looks as you do.

They come from gardens left unweeded, just as you do,
They have been chewed by beetles,
survived numerous wind storms,
climbed the sides of buildings,
and woven themselves through fences just like you.   

But the most beautiful thing of all, my darling rose,
is that you are never alone.
It’s almost impossible to grow a single rose;
people grow bushes full of of roses.
And if you just look around
you will see
that you are connected
through stems and leaves
to other roses who live like you,
reach for the sun like you,
and have tattered petals
just like you.