They’re heretics! I tell you..
Those who call themselves Gnostic
for they believe the lord, so loved by the righteous,
is not the true lord, but rather a selfish and evil being
who built this world to feed his own ego.
But these thoughts are heresy, I tell you they are.
As they truly believe the way to heaven is through knowledge
alone, without obedience to the lord;
that somehow, through understanding the magic of the universe
they can transcend the very body our lord has so graciously
gifted us, that we may pick it apart and hate it so..

These are dangerous thoughts, however, and these people,

these heretics, I warn you…

May actually have a point, now that say this aloud

and I must have some time to ponder these ideas
for now I cannot say which is truth
Those codes inscribed by flesh itself to be read
by any mind no matter how sour,
or secrets whispered in the winds
to be heard by keen ear alone.
And where does the lord reside if not in the trees,
if not in the sun,
if not in union with man in the flesh which binds
his soul to the material world?

Forgive me, for the sins I have previously committed;

these thoughts which say that I am somehow separate from God,
that God does not reside in this world,
that I am not divine in my own right,

I tell you now, it is these ideas which are the true heresy,
these ideas we must purge our minds of
should we wish to claim our place among the stars.